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What Is Ankarrah?

image of some Ankarrah symbols played out in a pattern

Ankarrah is an alternative energetic healing system comprising of symbols for self-healing and healing others. When activated, it can redirect energy in physical beings towards their natural state.

The energy expressed by the Ankarrah symbols is that which is present in every cell of all living beings.

It is simply waiting to be activated in that action of reconfiguring energy back to its natural state of well-being. And well-being is the natural expression of consciousness in physical form!

The Ankarrah symbols are an energetic healing alphabet – focal points of actions that allow and aid facilitators to engage and direct specific healing energies.

As an alternative healing method, Ankarrah is different from what is traditionally known in energy healing practices. It can be used in manners that are creative and not bound by preconceived rituals or standardized processes.

“ I do hope that you find the Ankarrah method valuable and enlightening in a time when the world and its inhabitant are in great need of healing energy and light. ” — Scotty
photo of Scotty Schwartz-Owen, creator of Ankarrah

Hi, I’m Scott Schwartz-Owen!

Back in my native Australia, my exceptionally intuitive mother taught me as a young child to project healing energy with my hands. If she had a headache, she would guide me to lay my hands on her head and focus on the intent to heal with energy, light and love.

Over the last 20+ years I have formally studied and become certified in energy healing modalities—including Usui, Tibetan, and Karuna Reiki as a Master/Teacher. In that time, I researched how unexpressed energy held in the human body can lead to dis-ease.

Rediscovering Ankarrah at this time and using it for healing is a significant evolutionary step for human beings. Being healthy is a natural expression for us. As we move onward into this transformative century, we are poised to reawaken our innate healing potentials along with a more thorough awareness of ourselves and how interconnected we all are with one another.

My Experience & Journey

1990 – At 15, I began informal studies of the human energy system, including how to move energy, and taught myself to physically see the energy field.

1994 – Fascinated by the intricacies of the human body, I trained to a professional level in classical ballet and Pilates. In my late teens I began teaching both.

2000 – While performing in musicals in London’s West End, I trained to become an Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master/Teacher under William Lee Rand, and later honed my healing skills by becoming a Karuna® Reiki Master/Teacher.

2002 – I studied and developed extensively in mediumship and as a psychic at London’s Arthur Findlay College.

2006 – I continued broadening my perspective of unofficial information, notably by studying sessions channeled by essences Seth, Elias, Abraham, and Bashar.

2012 – I began remembering my own past lives effortlessly and honed that skill to connect easily to other lifetimes, providing comfort and healing for many other people.

2020 – During the global COVID pandemic, I began an energy exchange with the essence László, offering private and group sessions. Channeling involves an interaction with aspects of one’s own essence, and an energy exchange involves a mergence and an exchange with another essence. László continues in the vein of Seth and Elias, providing insight into the nature of our reality, and his technique of Spectroscopic Integration – manifesting intentionally by witnessing your own appreciating.

2021 – I developed a training program for others to learn to heal with the Ankarrah system.

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