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Ankarrah First Series

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Learn the Ankarrah ancient healing language system—an evolutionary step in alternative energy healing for self and others.

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Learn Ankarrah Symbols 1 to 30


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Complete this course to receive your certificate, affirming your education in the Ankarrah Healing Language System.


Join a private MeWe Ankarrah group to interact with other Practitioners, share information, and ask questions.

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Complete this First Series course to advance further into the remaining 14 Ankarrah symbols.

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What People Are Saying About Ankarrah...
"My personal experiences with Ankarrah have been healing. I had an eye irritation, itching and burning. After using Ankarrah for two weeks it was healed. The ball of my left foot is sore at the end of the day — I'm using Ankarrah twice a day and it's noticeably better after one week. I'm also addressing to issues of responsibility and value of myself — the two elements of Ankarrah and emotion together is beneficial." — Gail Becker
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