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Ankarrah is an energetic healing system of 44 symbols which when activated, redirects energy in all physical beings towards their natural state. The energy of the Ankarrah symbols is intrinsically incorporated in living beings simply waiting to be activated in that action of reconfiguring energy back to its natural state of well-being. Well-being is the natural expression of consciousness in physical form.

The Ankarrah symbols are an energetic healing alphabet, a language system – focal points of actions that allow and aid you, the facilitator, to engage and direct energetic actions. You are activating the energy of the symbols as focal points and engaging that vibrational quality to redirect energetic expressions. The practitioner creates Ankarrah ‘words’ – combinations of symbols that together for a healing sequence of actions.

The Ankarrah symbols represent healing expressions inside of you. It comes from within you, and then is channeled out of you and projected in the manner that then moves in the direction of returning something to a natural state. And then subsequently engaging it in its natural state.

When you incorporate various Ankarrah symbols in combination with each other in relation to a held energy, the actual energetic process and transaction aids in loosening or breaking up that held energy and therefore allows the recipient (yourself or someone else) to express it and let it go.

Ankarrah lay dormant as a form of energy healing until awakened through human discovery over 27,000 years ago, by nomadic mountain tribes of the ancient near east. This action of discovery activated the energetic expression of Ankarrah, enabling this system to become available.

Yes. Although they both heal, ANKARRAH symbols originate as an energy already within you. Furthermore, one of the big differences in using ANKARRAH symbols, (unlike using Reiki symbols), is the orientation – which end is up. Some ANKARRAH symbols are used directionally for particular purposes. At times, using the symbol in a different orientation will have an opposite effect.

In-person, activated by being drawn on the hand (like Reiki) and projected, drawn above or directly on the body, mapped with Ankarrah cards. For distance healing, drawn with chalk onto the ground.  

Exclusively online via the Courses page of this website.

This is a ritual of cooperation conducted by the practitioner instructor, which activates dormant energy encoded in the student’s cells. The process awakens healing energy, redirecting neurological pathways to enable the student practitioner the ability to fully access the Ankarrah system of symbols for healing. The assimilation also resets the student’s own disharmonious energy, targeting held energy to be purged and released by the body.

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