Remote Treatments

Ankarrah Remote
Healing Sessions

with Scott Schwartz-Owen

Ankarrah healing sessions reconfigure your energy field and centers through the meridians of the body to attend to a variety of ailments. As a modality, it is not limited to physical proximity as it is both a somatic and an energetic action.

image of Scotty sending Ankarrah Remote Treatments
Remote Ankarrah Sessions
with Scott Schwartz-Owen

Benefits of Ankarrah Sessions

How It Works

Each remote sessions lasts 10 to 15 minutes during which Scotty connects to the energy of the individual who requested the healing and then draws (onto the ground), activating and sending the energy of the selected Ankarrah symbols.

Prior to a session, a map of the symbols used and their sequence is intuitively established by Scotty in relation to your description of your ailment. 

This healing is affecting of your energy field and energy centers as well as the cells affected in whichever area of your body you are holding unexpressed energy.

During the session, you are participating by laying down (on the floor in your home or outside on the ground), head pointing due north and your feet pointing due south. Afterwards, you will receive a photo of the selected symbols as a visual reference that you may further focus on and visualize. Learn more about your participation: Details and instructions.

Why Draw Symbols on the Earth?

Our bodies are more in harmony with and influenced by the Earth’s energy than most people are aware of. The Earth and your own energy signature optimally fit together and harmonize when healthy.

Remote Ankarrah is an energetic healing action passing through the focal point of the symbols into the ground and then transmitted via the earth’s electromagnetic field to the recipient.

Ankarrah symbols, as they are drawn on the ground, orient themselves to the cardinal directions of our planet Earth: North, South, East, and West—replicating the human energetic body and meridians. Chalk works well to facilitate drawing Ankarrah symbols onto the ground because it is a natural compound that contains aspects of clay and quartz derived from the earth.

Scotty has worked with hundreds of people providing Ankarrah healings remotely.
His life purpose is the exploration of what causes energy to be held in the body consciousness and what releases that stuck energy. As a child, healing others intuitively, then professionally as a Reiki Master – his sole focus now is healing with Ankarrah. Learn more about Scotty.
A sample of Ankarrah healing maps used in actual treatments
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3 Sessions Protocol

A single Ankarrah session can be a deeply healing experience. But a series of 3 progressive healings is more effective when sent over the span of one week, with at least a day or two in between.

When you receive a remote ANKARRAH healing and map composed for your held energy, the Ankarrah process aids in loosening or breaking up that stuck energy, which then becomes easier for you to release.

Experiencing some type of physical or emotional response is an indicator that your held energy is being broken up and beginning to be released by you.

As in every healing process, our bodies require time to adjust their energetic pathways, and this usually happens in increments, not all at once. As your energy adjusts, you will receive an adjusted combination of Ankarrah symbols to accommodate your energy shift. Hence, why you receive 3 progressive sessions at intervals included in your booking for the single price of $79.


Series of 3 Healings - $79 USD

3 Ankarrah Combinations

Sent separately as 3 different and progressive healing actions at intervals of 2 or 3 days

Photo of Each Combination

With simple instructions to enhance your healing process through visualization

Uniquely Coded to Your Energy

Each Ankarrah combination is designed for you and as you change after each session

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