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Ankarrah In-Person
Healing Sessions

with Scott Schwartz-Owen

We are physical beings with energy fields that radiate and connect with others. Distance energy healing is effective, but in physical proximity additional energy is transferred automatically in the simple action of touching.

image of Scotty giving an Ankarrah in person treatment

In-person sessions also engage the earth energies to pull released energy out of the body by incorporating crystals, Ankarrah cards, and in toning symbol melodies.

In-Person Ankarrah Sessions
with Scott Schwartz-Owen

Benefits of Ankarrah Sessions

What to Expect

The duration of an in-person session lasts 60 minutes. The first 10 minutes includes: a consultation with Scotty to review your concerns (what it is that you want to address, why you are seeking alternative healing with Ankarrah), then guided breathing, relaxation, affirmation, and scanning of your energy field (aura) and energy centers (chakras) to further assess fluxuations in your biofield.

Scotty travels with his massage table and will set that up in your home to provide the most comfortable healing environment to where you are relaxed and receptive to healing energy.

He sets the head of the table to true north with the feet to true south. This is an important factor as the Ankarrah system in rooted by design in the energies of our planet in it’s constant interchange between our energies and the energies of the Earth.

With your intention in mind, Scott will formulate a progressive map of Ankarrah specifically addressing to your goals and will begin applying that sequence of symbols as you relax.

In-person Ankarrah is applied with light touch with the hands resting on your body the same way that Reiki is applied. If you prefer to not have physical touch, Scott can also hover his hands just above your body without physically touching and this is equally as effective.

After approximately 45 minutes, you will be prompted to gently and in your own time rouse and encouraged to share your experience. Ankarrah is a cooperative healing action in which everybody reacts differently, depending on your openness, ability to relax and quieten your thinking, your beliefs, and the physical, emotional, and mental elements on your held energy.

In-person Session Intervals

A single Ankarrah session can be a deeply healing experience. Generally, your body consciousness reacts, expresses that held energy in some capacity and begins changing the manifestation. As your energy changes, so does the next combination of Ankarrah symbols to accommodate your energy. 

Keep in mind that your body requires time to adjust its neurological and energetic pathways. This generally happens in increments, not all at once.

When you receive an in-person ANKARRAH session and map composed precisely for your held energy at the time, the actual energetic process aids in loosening or breaking up stuck energy that you are holding within your body consciousness. That action of breaking it up initially creates that reaction from the body. Experiencing some type of physical or emotional response, is an indicator that that held energy is being broken up and beginning to be released by you.

With this is mind, you might also like to consider a series of progressive in-person sessions over the span of one week, with at least a day or two in between each. 


60 minutes - $130 USD

Crystals as Focal Points

Enhances the symbol's process and fine tunes your chakras to your essence tone

Ankarrah Melodies

Sound frequencies and unique symbol tones that balance your energetic vibration

Uniquely Coded to Your Energy

Each Ankarrah combination is designed for you and as you change after each session

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How to proceed: Each in-person session costs USD $130 and includes your 60-minute session within the Los Angeles area.

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